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Entry #7

Well, that's it.

2008-10-17 20:53:14 by SgtJawa

The scribblewiki servers have gone down, permanently perhaps. Every single wiki under them has gone down with it, including the notable Madnesswiki. I'm deeply sorry, guys. It's a small but major, and perhaps fatal, blow to many communities with those wikis. Poor people.


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2008-12-14 22:41:03

Dude u suck balls .....................................

SgtJawa responds:

And here, we have the typical "Retard" of Newgrounds. Note his preference to a single third party character in a flash, no matter the quality, the overuse of ellipses, and the crude, grammatically incorrect vulgarities. Now, I'm really not really sure what this guy is angry at me for, making his "argument" have little to no effect.

But I guess I have to reply. Here goes: You too, you little kid. Don't let Mommy see your awful words.

These... People? Are truly the scum of NG.


2009-03-06 17:32:55

I have another account, I just logged in this one to check shit out, and I noticed your comment.



2009-07-20 19:29:13

It came back up, btw. Come back to MadnessWiki if you want, but beware as it's been overrun by noobs.